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Great Lengths aftercare range has been developed to expand the lifespan and performance of your hair extensions. Your extensions will require a little extra love and care to keep them in excellent condition. To help with this they offer shampoos, conditioners, treatments, styling products and brushes to ensure your extensions will always look their best.







     * Use Great Lengths aftercare products.

     * Dry hair thoroughly, do not leave it to dry naturally.

     * Hold bonds whilst gently brushing hair in sections.

     * Do not use a comb between scalp and bond.

     * On a regular basis, seperate bonds to prevent matting.

     * Heated tools can be used as normal but away from

        the bond itself.

     * Tie hair in loose ponytail or plait for bed to prevent

        any tangling.









We are very happy to introduce Great Lengths hair extensions to our list of services at Joseph Hannah. Using only the finest quality 100% human hair and with over 55 colours to choose from which can be blended to create the perfect look for you.


Offering a full range of hair from basic shades to fashion shades and flowstrands. Their classic shades are an extensive range of black, brown, red, copper and blondes. All  hair is pre-bonded, the pre-attachment of bonds is very important as it means that the correct amount of hair is applied each time giving you completely natural long-lasting results. The Great Lengths bond uses a blend of polymers that mimic the structure of hair to fuse the extensions to your own hair.


During a full consultation with one of our fully trained extensionists we will determine how we can achieve your desired look using hair extensions. Whether you are looking to add thickness, length or volume to your natural hair (or all of them) - Great Lengths are the perfect solution. With our great team we will look after you and your hair from start to finish ensuring you have the best quality product, service and aftercare.











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